Tree Roots

Tree roots grow and spread through the soil in search of moisture and nutrients. Moisture and nutrients for trees are abundant in drainage pipes. That’s why roots love to grow around and in the drainage system.

Root intrusion problems usually start with small holes or cracks in the drain pipe, which in themselves are not a problem. However, small runoff from these spots releases moisture and nutrients into the soil. The roots of nearby trees are attracted to these conditions, causing them to grow small rootlets that make way and slowly but surely enter the pipe.

So as the roots enter through these openings, they spread and can cause further damage, which can lead to not only clogging but even burst drain pipes. And that’s because, as the roots grow, they feel pressure in the drain holes that can completely break the pipe.

If you don’t quickly remove the roots from your drain pipes with a professional cleaning, they will continue to grow, causing catastrophic damage.

Damage caused by tree roots can be repaired with drainage restoration techniques, but more serious damage is often caused, often requiring excavation and replacement of pipes.