Kitchen Drain

A clogged sink can be a huge problem especially for the housewife. The inconvenience that such a common plumbing problem can cause is great if you let the problem progress. But if you catch the problem at the beginning, there are natural solutions that are quite simple and effective.

Baking soda and vinegar

Put baking soda (about half a cup) down the sink drain. Next, heat some vinegar (about a cup) and carefully pour the hot vinegar over the baking soda. The combination of the two ingredients causes foaming and fumes. Let the mixture act for half an hour and then open the tap to let plenty of water run. The same procedure applies to unclogging the sink and bathtub.

Boiling water

This method is mainly used to unclog slightly clogged drains. Boil an amount of water equal to a jug. Then pour the hot water gradually and in small amounts (about a cup at a time) down the drain. Allow a few seconds between times for the water to work until the next emptying. This way you can unclog sinks, basins and bathtubs. You can also apply it at intervals as a preventative measure against clogging your drains.

Salt and baking soda

When the problem is a result of fat and grease build-up, use a mixture of salt and baking soda. The mixture consists of half a cup of table salt and half a cup of baking soda. Place the mixture in the sinks and leave it for 20 minutes to work. Then pour a jug of boiling water and leave it all night. Salt, baking soda and hot water create a chemical reaction that acts as a clog. In the morning Run enough tap water to flush out any residue from the pipes and then you can use as normal.