Frequently Asked Questions


answers to your frequent questions, for more answers call us at 2721087776 and a representative will inform you, you can also stop by our office.

The processing time depends on the size of the business, the professional equipment, the know-how, the installation of the pipes as well as the type of blockage.

Describing a problem over the phone can determine the cost to some extent. However, the cost is determined by the problem that exists as well as the contingencies that may occur, such as roots – soils – covered wells – cleaning plugs.

Within our city we can send a technician (free of charge) to advise you on the type of blockage you need, and give you our quote.

It is for tasks whose time and cost cannot be calculated in advance.

The Pouloupati Center of Occlusions ensures the reliability of our cooperation as during the work, the supervisor of our workshop fills out a form with the time of presentation of the workshop as well as the end time of the work.

There is the possibility that problems may arise during the occlusion, such as a broken or submerged pipe or the intrusion of thick roots, etc. 

In this case where it is not possible to complete the occlusion, for more than €120 a discount of 15% is made from the agreed amount.

Payment is made in cash, at the end of the work, to the workshop manager.

There is always the risk of flooding inside the building from severe weather conditions, blockage of the city network or if the entries pass through a drain inside the building.

It is recommended to install a valve where it is recommended when the building is at a lower level or at the same level as the municipal sewer network.

As on the ground floor, there is always the risk of emergency flooding due to a blocked drain on the first floor.

General cleaning of shared pipes (horizontal, floor, manholes) is recommended at least once a year.

It keeps the unpleasant odors from the sewer network, so that they do not pass into the building’s sewers.

A flapper or a non-return valve must be installed based on regulation on every new connection of the sewer system (compensation is not possible in case of damage) to avoid flooding from leaks in severe weather conditions or to block the pipes of the city network, etc.

It is recommended to be placed in residences, businesses, warehouses, basements, etc. that are lower than the city sewer system.