Blockage Avoidance

Drainage blockages are a frequent need that occurs in commercial and residential areas. Clogged toilets and sinks can be caused by daily use and the wear and tear caused by time on the sewer pipes.

But there are 4 things that when they build up in the pipes, clog your drains:

Hair build-up: The hair that falls from our hair, especially in the spring when it falls by the millions without us realizing it, collects in the drains and clogs our pipes. The main treatment is occlusive fluid. A specialized clogging workshop can undertake the clogging of your drain with the appropriate non-toxic and safe materials for you and the environment.

Grease from food: When washing dishes, grease from food enters the sink and collects in the plumbing pipes. Clogging of the sink from grease can be done with specialized clogging tools from professional clogging workshops.

Toilet paper: Many people prefer to throw the paper in the toilet. They may think that they are biodegradable so they will disappear, however the biodegradation is often slow to happen and the drains get clogged.

Small objects: Any small object that falls into the sink or toilet has the potential to clog the drain and require a professional plumber or unclogging crew to remove it with the proper tools.