Bad Smells

Some people complain that sometimes there is an issue of strong odor inside the building, in the stairwell, in the bathroom, etc., we suggest first to check if there is a blockage in the central pipes, in the manholes or if the cesspool is full.

If none of the above is happening, then we recommend that you do a general cleaning of the floor pipes and the wells, before calling a plumber who might suggest installing a siphon.

In case, no matter what you have tried, the stench persists, it is good to stop the domestic efforts.

Call an experienced plumber, as the cause may be clogged pipes. The plumber’s professional approach usually includes checking for the risk of drain blockage.

It also checks the possibility of installing a water pump, in the last well before the cesspool. Installing a septic tank will help to properly ventilate the drain and effectively remove the smell of the cesspool in the house. Also, professional drain cleaning is a definitive solution for removing unpleasant odors from your home!